Saturday, January 5, 2013

aima-core library now published to Maven Central Repository


The aima-core classes,source, and javadoc are now accessible via the Maven Central Repository (thanks to Sonatype's support for Open Source Projects, see: All future releases will include a published version of aima-core (i.e. the main algorithms from the book) to the central repository as several people have requested this distribution mechanism as well. The required Maven Information is posted at the top of the project's home page.

Happy Hacking!



elector said...

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ctjoreilly said...

This is currently not implemented as part of the trunk. Have a look at issue 32:

for latest developments on this. Please note that the code related to chapter 7 and this is currently being rewritten but it will likely be the end of the summer before it is ready to be part of a release.

franklin said...

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