Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Upgrading Ciaran ;-)

Ciaran O'Reilly is now joint owner of this project, along with me (Ravi). He has done awesome work in the logic chapters code (and any bug reports should be sent to him ;-). Just kidding, if I get any bug reports for the logic code I can forward to him).

We'll be starting work on the code for AIMA 3d edition soon.


Felipe said...

Hi guys, I am using the book to review some of the probabilistic reasoning basics, and found that your code is really helpful to understand the book, especially these more tough to understand areas of AI.
Now there is one small thing that I think would really improve your code presentation is comments on some of the classes and methods, especially the ones that are more basic in code base and have no direct relation to the content in the book.

For example, the way in which you use a visitor interface in the Model class and other infrastructural classes. I do understand design patterns, but if it's not properly documented the gist of using them to solve this more procedural problems from the book may get lost and make the code harder to navigate. I would offer a hand here if you guys need it.

Ravi said...

Hey Felipe,

Good Point about the documentation. In the spirit of Open Source, Feel Free to send in a patch!