Monday, March 12, 2007

AIMA JAVA Pre Final - The Plan

I expect to post the pre final version of the AIMA java code to Dr Norvig at the end of this april/beginning of May.

This release will contain the code for Chapters 15(Probabilistic Reasoning),16 (Simple Decisions), 17(Complex Decisions) and 21 (Reinforcement Learning). I also need to fill in a few gaps in the code list. Plus bug fixes.

If anyone is having problems with the game playing code, do get the latest code . For some reason, the code at the site doesn't match with the code base though this code was written well before the last release.

The next release (AIMA Java Final) will focus on implementing the code for the "logic arc" ie chapters 9,10,11,12 and 19. The code for prepositional logic is already in place and has been extensively field tested, but I am not very happy about the FOL code. This will probably get rewritten.

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Helen said...

I just tried this code at the office this afternoon, but due to work commitments, I could not properly get it to run. Will give it a go at home again tonight.

Helen Neely